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DollsAndDolls has always been committed to sell quality dolls. For this reason, you can find Paola Reina´s doll collections on our website

This fun and innovative Spanish brand has been bringing happiness to homes around the world since 1994. Both young and old enjoy the great quality and design of these adorable dolls. Their dresses and accessories are very up-to-date and have an excellent quality and detail.

Paola Reina is undoubtedly a benchmark in the world of dolls, stealing everyone's hearts with their incredible dolls, highlighting its top collection: Las Amigas. Within their great variety, they offer options for all tastes and ages; from 21 cm dolls such as the Miniamigas, to majestic and articulated dolls like Las Reinas 60 cm. Each line has its own variety of dresses, complements and accessories so that your dolls are always ready for any occasion. You can dress them to your liking and take them wherever you go.

For the little ones of the house, Paola Reina has Los Bebitos, precious and adorable 45 cm babies. These dolls have a very cute face and modern outfits. In addition, collections such as Soy Tú tend to appeal to audiences of all ages. Its intermediate size makes it easier for the little ones to play and allows the older ones to collect their different models easier.

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Las Amigas from Paola Reina is the star collection of this Spanish doll brand. Over time they have become the whim of mothers, girls and collectors. This famous 32 cm doll is made of vinyl and comes in various types of hair style, eye color and skin tone.

Las Amigas is a very varied group which also includes boys in it. With the pass of time it has grown more and more allowing us to see them dressed as princesses, schoolgirls, athletes, witches, explorers and countless other beautiful designs. Playing with them is great since they have a great assortment of high-quality complements and accessories that are manufactured and designed in Spain. Las Amigas dresses are modern and made with very fun fabrics. Every year Paola Reina launches new clothing designs that you can collect or give away. Your doll will always be ready for any plan: going for a walk, going to the movies, shopping or spending the summer on the beach.

These fun dolls are perfectly sized to allow collectors to display or store them more easily in their homes. Its diversity of ethnic groups such as Asian, Caucasian or African -among others- allows children from all over the world to identify with Las Amigas and choose their favorite. In addition, they are perfect to promote activity and learning skills in kids.

If you love to personalize your dolls, you can have fun making clothes for your Amiga without clothes model with the downloadable patterns that Dolls And Dolls has created for you. Thanks to their step-by-step manual in Spanish and English, they are very easy to use and will allow you to give a personal and unique touch to their dresses. Mix fabrics, textures and colors to create incredible outfits for your Amiga according to each season. With our patterns your creativity has no limits!

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After many years of success, Paola Reina presents us her collection of Las Amigas Articulated dolls. These innovative dolls maintain the style and originality of the classic Las Amigas, but with an improved and more flexible body.

They are made of vinyl and have 10 high quality joints in shoulders, elbows, legs, knees, waist and neck that allows them to adopt multiple positions thanks to their flexibility. You can place them in a wide number of poses to take photos or play. Each joint can move independently as follows:

- Neck: Like the classic Las Amigas dolls, the head can turn to both sides.
- Shoulders: They have the same joints as always, being able to move the arms up and down.
- Elbows: They have a ball joint, which offers greater flexibility of movement, allowing you to put your doll in a greater number of poses.
- Waist: These dolls have a new joint in the waist that allows you to turn half of their body laterally to the left and right.
- Legs: The union of each leg with the hip has a traditional joint with which you can move it back and forth.
- Knees: Like the elbows, each knee has a ball joint that offers the doll greater flexibility, allowing you to do a greater number of positions and poses.

There are 5 beautiful models available for you to choose your favorite and start having fun like never before. Don't wait any longer and visit our website to meet Liu, Manica, Cristi, Cleo and Cécile.

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Paola Reina's Gorjuss dolls are the sweetest on the market. Despite not having a nose or a smile, they are very empathetic dolls that seek to stimulate our imagination. Their expressionless faces are blank canvasses in which each person can stamp their own emotions and feelings.

These cute 32 cm dolls are a delicate 3D recreation of the fantastic illustrations by Suzanne Woolcott, a well-known designer from Glasgow, Scotland. Woolcot's intention is to transmit a world of emotions through the Gorjuss, capturing in them her experiences lived during childhood.

Gorjuss dolls are an experience since the moment you open their box and its exclusive fragrance of rose and honeysuckle invades you. They are made of soft vinyl with jointed limbs and are easily recognizable by their delicate hands and distinctive inward-facing feet. The detail put into the making of their clothes shows us all the love and care the brand has devoted to them.

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After Paola Reina’s great success with the adorable Las Amigas dolls, the brand decided in 2019 to launch something that was undoubtedly a pleasant surprise for its followers: the Miniamigas.

These cute little dolls, like Las Amigas, follow a very sweet and elegant style characteristic of the brand. Thanks to their small size of 21 cm you can take them with you wherever you go. They have a vinyl body and are articulated on the head, shoulders and legs. They come in different colors and styles of hair, eyes and skin.

The Miniamigas have nothing to envy their sisters since each one has its own unique and special style. Their beautiful outfits and accessories are made with great detail and quality, you will surely love them! In its first edition, Paola Reina released six beautiful dolls that came dressed in very typical outfits from the Mediterranean coast during the summer time. By 2020, 4 new models were added to the collection which complemented the line with different ethnicities, hair colors, hairstyles and dresses.

Most recently in 2021, two more dolls were added to the collection including Dario, the first boy in the group. Don't wait any longer to choose your favorite!

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Las Reinas are the largest dolls of the brand and have a full vinyl body. These beautiful 60 cm girls come with articulations on the head, shoulders, elbows, wrists, legs, knees and feet, allowing them to be positioned in the most appropriate posture. In addition, like all the Paola Reina dolls, they are scented. Their quality and design are indubitable.

They all come with very cute and striking outfits that you will surely love. These imposing dolls have various types of hair color, eyes and different skin tones, allowing each child to choose the one they like best.

Despite its large size, the brand has ensured that Las Reinas also have different clothing options. You can find a wide variety of clothes and shoes to complement your doll. The designs of these dresses will make them look fabulous on any occasion. These pieces have beautiful designs and excellent quality and detail. Choose your favorite outfit!

They will look amazing whether it is for taking a walk, playing with her friends, seeing a concert at the theater, going on a trip or living exciting adventures with you. Your doll will certainly draw everyone's attention! Finally, a look is not complete without the perfect pair of shoes. You can choose between booties and shoes in different colors and models to give their outfits a unique touch.

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Discover the fabulous Soy Tú dolls from Paola Reina and fall in love with their delicious vanilla scent. They are 45 centimeters high and are articulated in the head, shoulders and legs. In addition, they will dazzle you with their pretty girl faces and with their eyes, which some models can open and close.

Choose a Soy Tú doll that looks like you. You can select your favorite between their different models with different hair and eye colors, as well as from different ethnic groups. Like the rest of the dolls of this brand, they have a very high level of detail and the fabrics used in their clothing maintains their high quality.

As well as other Paola Reina collections, the Soy Tú can come dressed in casual or elegant outfits, communion dresses, witch costume or ballet uniform. Her dresses, shoes and accessories can be purchased separately allowing you to dress her in multiple different styles. Children and adults will enjoy this beautiful doll both to play and to collect.

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Los Bebitos from Paola Reina are cute 45 cm babies made with a soft touch and smell vinyl that allows them to look like a newborn baby. The delicacy of their features and decorations makes them more realistic. It is a special collection dedicated by the brand to those who love babies. They can't wait for you to care and pamper them non-stop!

Like any real baby, Los Bebitos can be dressed in baby booties, crossed camisoles, bonnets and some with blankets. In their newborn presentation, babies can come with the navel bandage or in diapers. They are also sexed and there are African-American, Caucasian and Asian models, some with a smile or a serious facial expression.

These charming dolls are the perfect gift for the little ones of the house, since they can play to feed them, dress them and change their diapers. They will become best friends and will want to take them everywhere.

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